Not much I can come back with except I'm sorry you are having so much trouble and I hope whatever the next round of tests they put you through finds something they can fix.

Edited to remove code from a public forum...

1. I will have Jo’s food on a plate in the refrig. Go to the garage and push the Happy Face to open the garage door. Put her plate of food on the rug in front of her water dish in the garage. She gets one of the allergy meds in the orange container with her food.
2. After she eats her plate of food, take the plate to the laundry room sink and put some water on it. Take her to the West side of the garage and tell her to Pee. When she does her pee thing, then the OraVet dental thingy is a wonderful treat. She devours that on her mat on the front porch with an audience.
3. She usually lays on her mat and chills for a while. If she doesn’t get up and let you know she has to poop, no problem, I will take care of that when we get home. I have a Poo Flag on the front porch so you don’t have to deal with poop. She does get her treats if she poops. Two Milk Bones and 3 Vet Dog treats.
4. When you leave, you can put her in the garage…no problem. Turn the fan off on the front porch and put it in the garage by the back door and plug it in. Turn it on and set the fan speed to low…aimed at her mat.
5. I will have a sample of her treats in bags. Treats are for “good girl”.

TYVM for the skeddy & cheese!

warrmed some up yesterday for supper (added the extra cheese you included) and broke the rest into 4 servings. Had some this afternoon for lunch. You still got it :)

How was the reunion?

Sorry we couldn't make a showing.

@Karen @Cathy
OK, so big progress with the server last night. Overseerr is talking again and TV series requests are flowing as they should. Movies however are not. It is a permissions thing, but frustrating as TV requests work, Movie requests do not.

If you want to request a TV show, go ahead, but hold off with Movie requests till I give the 'OK'.

OK, so, 3rd time is the charm. For whatever reason, when I tried to import the saved information for Plex, it would crash Plex and not give me access. I did not restore this time around and having to build everything from scratch. So, it will look ugly in there for the time being, but Plex is up.

Old server time. Back up and running. Still working on getting a new server spun up on my new TrueNAS Scale server. I despise bHyve.

Michael (co-worker) top left, Jodi top right
Jimmy bottom left (former co-worker), his wife, my wife, and me. 😊

Not too many people use this server, so I'm sure there hasn't been too much disruption, but I apologize for the up and down of Mastodon. I am trying to update but because of my modifications of the code, it refuses to update. I feel the next step to getting the service up to date is to bring up a totally new instance and leave the character limit at 500 instead of increasing to the current 2500 limit. The issue is the DB. Which brings me to the next issue. Once Mastodon is upgraded, I will not be able to restore the messages. It will be a whole new server.

Thanks for your continued patronage and patience.


For those who think EV's are too dangerous to own...

Taken from
The Chevy Bolt faces an uncertain future, mostly because the once-promising electric vehicle started burning up in driveways and garages. Any momentum the Chevy Bolt picked up, thanks to its design and relatively low price, hasn’t been enough to overcome the fires and GM’s half-measures. But a new study citing the NTSB and NHTSA claims that EVs in the U.S. actually light on fire at a much lower rate when compared to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars and hybrids, as Kelly Blue Book reports.
The study claims that hybrids are actually involved in the most car fires out of every 100,000 cars sold, outnumbering the number of fires involving both fully-electric cars — like the Chevy Bolt — and ICE cars combined. From KBB:
Analysts from AutoInsuranceEZ examined data from the National Transportation Safety Board to track the number of car fires and compared it to sales data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

The result? Hybrid-powered cars were involved in about 3,475 fires per every 100,000 sold. Gasoline-powered cars, about 1,530. Electric vehicles (EVs) saw just 25 fires per 100,000 sold.
Of course, given the lower number of hybrid cars on U.S. roads, the number of most fires in total still goes to ICE cars. The study says gas-powered cars saw 199,533 fires. Hybrid cars accounted for 16,051 fires. Fully-electric cars came in with 52 fires total. The study claims these figures are for the entire year of 2021.

Netflix price inflation confirmed:

Netflix is now more expensive, as the streaming giant has raised its monthly subscription prices in the US, effective today. The standard plan is now $15.50/month (up from $14), while the 4K offering is going up to $20/month (from $18). The basic plan, is going up to $10/month from $9.

For the Trekkie fans out there, 2022 is going to be strong with 5 different shows...

* January 6: Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 resumes
* February 11: Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 resumes
* February/March: Star Trek: Picard Season 2 debuts
* Sometime in 2022: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 debuts
* Lower Decks Season 3 is also expected to resume

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