For those who think EV's are too dangerous to own...

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The Chevy Bolt faces an uncertain future, mostly because the once-promising electric vehicle started burning up in driveways and garages. Any momentum the Chevy Bolt picked up, thanks to its design and relatively low price, hasn’t been enough to overcome the fires and GM’s half-measures. But a new study citing the NTSB and NHTSA claims that EVs in the U.S. actually light on fire at a much lower rate when compared to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars and hybrids, as Kelly Blue Book reports.
The study claims that hybrids are actually involved in the most car fires out of every 100,000 cars sold, outnumbering the number of fires involving both fully-electric cars — like the Chevy Bolt — and ICE cars combined. From KBB:
Analysts from AutoInsuranceEZ examined data from the National Transportation Safety Board to track the number of car fires and compared it to sales data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

The result? Hybrid-powered cars were involved in about 3,475 fires per every 100,000 sold. Gasoline-powered cars, about 1,530. Electric vehicles (EVs) saw just 25 fires per 100,000 sold.
Of course, given the lower number of hybrid cars on U.S. roads, the number of most fires in total still goes to ICE cars. The study says gas-powered cars saw 199,533 fires. Hybrid cars accounted for 16,051 fires. Fully-electric cars came in with 52 fires total. The study claims these figures are for the entire year of 2021.

Netflix price inflation confirmed:

Netflix is now more expensive, as the streaming giant has raised its monthly subscription prices in the US, effective today. The standard plan is now $15.50/month (up from $14), while the 4K offering is going up to $20/month (from $18). The basic plan, is going up to $10/month from $9.

For the Trekkie fans out there, 2022 is going to be strong with 5 different shows...

* January 6: Star Trek: Prodigy Season 1 resumes
* February 11: Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 resumes
* February/March: Star Trek: Picard Season 2 debuts
* Sometime in 2022: Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 debuts
* Lower Decks Season 3 is also expected to resume

All I can say is, "sweet"...

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By the paw of my great, great, great, great grandmeow, you shall die tonight...

"Scientists Developed a Questionnaire to Identify Whether Your Cat Is a Psychopath"

Ugh...I think I broke my email notifications...grrrrr

So...this happened today.

At lunch, got off the bike, was walking to the restaurant and tripped over a parking block...yeah, I hurt, luckily I didn't break my glasses but bent them up pretty good. Also have cuts on both palms.

I think I am glad to trade my '18 Bolt for the '22 Bolt EUV. Looks like LG Chem (the battery makers) are being brought front and center. Unfortunately, Chevy are not going to upgrade everyone to the newer battery pack, but only those that consistently used the majority of the charge before re-charging the Bolt. Which would have pulled me out of that replacement program...

Exclusive: GM to replace all battery modules in some Chevy Bolts to mitigate fire risk - Electrek

So, that fix didn't work. Goes back to Uftring on Monday.
But at least I have my range back. 😕

Great news!

Took a week longer than expected, but the replacement battery pack for my 2018 Bolt has hit the dealership. I take the Bolt in late Wednesday and grab a loaner, they will replace the entire pack on Thursday and I should be able to pick up the Bolt either that Thursday or Friday. Looking forward to having the full range back again (not to mention being able to relax about the pack trying its best to emulate a volcano) 😜

For those of you who do not know the correct letter-to-word conversion when talking with someone over a telephone or is hard of hearing and needs directions, here is the official NATO Phonetic Alphabet...

OK, so the good news is, as I have said all along, I have a bad battery in my Bolt.

GM is starting to apply a firmware update to resolve the charging issues on the earlier '17, '18, and some '19 Bolts. As mine is a 2018, it had the battery pack which came out of China and not the one made here in the US.

So I make my appointment with the Chevy dealership in Washington instead of Bob Grimm in Morton (the one that said my battery was fine), and they just called saying I do indeed have a bad battery pack and have already placed an order for a replacement. Sweet, this is the outcome I desired anyway. Now I don't have to go through the whole lemon law, buy back rig-a-ma-roll, and I keep my car and a new pack. He said it shouldn't take more than 7 to 10 days to get the replacement pack to the dealership and they will set me up when it arrives.

This makes me happy.

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Still Unwilling To Disclose Cell Issue, GM Buys Back Some Bolt EVs

Of course...
"Most of the people who had their buyback requests accepted are from California (23) and Massachusetts (7). The highest number of customers that had their requests denied are from Illinois (5)."

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