Voiced by the guy that hosts Fully Charged, it is a neat video that goes over a lot of the uninformed excuses against EV's.

Watch "The Dirty Truth about Combustion Engine Vehicles | An 'Open Source' Animation" on YouTube youtu.be/mk-LnUYEXuM

This is the company that bought the Mitsubishi plant in Bloomington, so the vehicals are being built very locally. 😍

Rivian Is Not Messing Around With Its Off-Road Tests of the R1T thedrive.com/news/39291/rivian

Watch "Head to head: Zero SR/F vs H-D LiveWire electric motorcycles" on YouTube youtu.be/3kgd0jsvDVU

Chevy broke their nearly 3-month silence since the Bolt recall to provide a small update via a Facebook group comment.

Bolt recall update provided by Chevy - Electrek electrek.co/2021/02/09/bolt-re

Vulnerability found in top messaging apps let hackers eavesdrop

Of the many, Facebook Messenger and Google Duo...


Shut down my Facebook account...permanent deletion. They give you an additional 30 days to change your mind, but I have also deleted the app from my phone.

I will miss the EV section dedicated to the Chevy Bolt, and the American Quarantine Pub (which is just a blast to read through the posts).

Anyway, bye bye Facebook, after many years of faithful service bringing friends together, you ultimately tore the country apart with your Hitler like control over who should post what.

Long live Mastodon!

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