@dave Oh...when Rumble in Jungle comes up on the movie releases, I want it on Plex. It isn't released to the theaters yet. I tried in request, but they didn't even have it yet.

@dave Sort of like a cystic fibrosis patient having to have their chest pounded to release phlegm. I would think anyway.

How do I invite Scott to join? Also, Cork...that is if you want them on here. Chuckle.

@dave This is from Cork:

On Sat I started with a vest that inflates then deflates repeatedly for 30 min.
half hour in AM then again PM.
Supposed to loosen crap in chest to be coughed up and spit out window.
Supposed to keep COPD and bronchiectasis from worsening.
Not a cure.
If all this shit works might as well shoot for 90.

@dave This is from Jennifer on her tests and plan.

Hi There,

I have had an MRI done and nothing more showed up on the test. They took blood for genetic testing because there is so much cancer on both sides of my family. We are waiting to hear how that turned out. They are testing for 9 markers. It will be either a lumpectomy with radiation afterwards or a mastectomy. They are looking at the middle of August for the surgery. I already notified the family I work for that I will not be ready to come back to work on August 16. Thanks for your prayers. That helps a bunch.

Love, Jennifer

@dave We are good. Keeping up with things on the farm. Working outside and inside...just a little slower with all the nose blowing and hacking cough. Men forget that women need care, too. We are supposed to weather the storm. NOT. No...stay away please! I've told the Loy/Jurewicz clan to stay away! We are doing fine on our own. I have prescriptions to pick up, so I'll just go to the grocery store while I'm in town. I will wear a mask to protect people! You know what this feels like. Thank you for caring. Peace and Love, ma

@dave I think Walgreens lost our C-19 tests. I'm working with PWN Health to figure out where the tests went. Got our blood tests this A.M. Those are for our heart doctor. Supposed to see Dr. O on the 27th, but he won't be there, so we have to reschedule. I feel terrible. Your dad is working on 2 weeks of this with an anti-biotic...he thinks I'm in the same place as he is...NOT...I keep reminding him that he is about a week and a half ahead of me...he should be doing better now. No one has gotten me any water, no one has gotten me any drugs, no one has made a nice snack or Jell-O. I feel left out. I worked in the garden yesterday. I'm washing clothes today. I fixed a nice meal last night. Men are such babies. OOPS...sorry. I'm washing down the keyboard with antiseptic after I bang away on it. I can tell you right now...your dad never did that. And he coughs all over the place. Oh well. Rant is over. Peace and Love

@Cathy @dave We are heading into Walgreens in Canton in just a bit to get tested. The cough is amazing. Thank you, but if we wear a mask to go get essentials, that should protect everyone around us. Peace and Love, just Karen

@dave Now I have a sore throat! Wearing a mask around the house sucks.

@dave Okay...7 days in and your dad isn't better, so I took his temperature and it was 100.6. We called the doctor. So...I drove into Walgreens and picked up the prescription for Amox-Clav. Don't know if he will go in to get tested. I mow tomorrow...the grass is like 6 inches high! It will be cut high and very slowly...I'm going to be doing the mowing, after your dad sets the mowing deck to the highest position on the Kubota. Probably have to mow it again on Sunday. Anyway...I just thought I would let you know, since your dad probably infected everyone at the reunion...I told him he shouldn't go. Peace and Love, just ma

@dave Check out the last paragraph please. I had to eliminate some of the paragraphs due to word numbers.

AMPK Activation
The fundamental mechanism of action underlying berberine’s impact on human health is probably its action on the adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase or AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK). To understand what berberine does, one must first understand AMPK. This enzyme acts as the central energy regulatory control switch regulating how energy is produced and used in the body. AMPK induces a cascade of events within cells that are all involved in maintaining energy homeostasis. The AMPK system senses and responds to changes in energy metabolism both on the cellular and the whole-body level. It is via AMPK that low energy status switches cellular metabolism from ATP-consuming anabolic pathways to ATP-producing catabolic pathways.

AMPK regulates an array of biological activities that normalize lipid, glucose, and energy imbalances. Metabolic syndrome (MetS) occurs when these AMPK-regulated pathways are turned off, triggering a syndrome that includes hyperglycemia, diabetes, lipid abnormalities, and energy imbalances.2

AMPK has been proposed as a target for drug monotherapy treatment of metabolic syndrome. Current MetS treatment typically employs 3 to 5 different medications to manage the different comorbidities such as hyperglycemia, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and inflammation.3 In theory, a single medication that activates AMPK could replace all of the medications used to treat these various aspects of MetS.
High glucose and glycogen levels inhibit AMPK. This inhibition leads to many of the long-term consequences of diabetes. Exercise and caloric restriction activate AMPK, and this explains their benefit in treating diabetes. High fat intake also inhibits AMPK.

AMPK activation was cited early on as an explanation of berberine’s ability to improve glucose control in diabetic animals. Berberine increases glucose uptake by muscle fibers independent of insulin levels.8 Berberine triggers AMPK activation and increases glycolysis, leading to decreased insulin resistance and decreased oxygen respiration.9 The same mechanism leads to a reduction in gluconeogenesis in the liver.10 AMPK activation also explains why berberine has an antiatherosclerotic effect in mice.11 The same mechanism is reported to underlie berberine’s antiobesity effects and favorable influence on weight loss.12

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@dave naturalmedicinejournal.com/jou

Okay...here is more information about Berberine. I started taking it. Inflammation in joints has decreased. With a blood test coming on the 19th, we will see what other things have been affected.

I started taking the stuff after I sent you a link to a while back. You can probably investigate other companies and the quality. Something to think about.

I did not have any reaction to adding Berberine. I also added Turmeric, due to my fatty liver.

Dr. Eric Berg is the guy that explains all the interactions of minerals, drugs, vitamins and all that stuff. Yes...he is a Keto enthusiast. But, his explanations are beneficial for investigating stuff.

@dave Looks like a great weekend coming our way! Hope you and Cathy have a great Independence Day! Peace and Love, just ma

@dave Scott just sent me an email explaining what he was dealing with. You are a good man to do the help desk! I sent Scott the picture of the trucks in the flood...to the att email...I just did a reply. Don't know if he will get the email or the picture. Thundering again. Peace...

@dave It is good to hear your basement is behaving! The pictures on Facebook showed some semis with water almost up to their hood ornament...and that was in a parking lot, in Bloomington. Have a pleasant Sunday...your dad didn't sleep well last night, so he is napping at 9 AM. Chuckle...

@dave Basement still dry? Have you seen the pictures of Bloomington and 155? Not I-55, the old 122. Lots of water!

Saturday afternoon or evening sounds lovely. I'll tell your dad and you two can come up with a plan.

I doubt the Jurewicz clan will have time to get together with us. They are hard at it at the girls new digs. LOTS of work to do there.

Sorry about the certificate thing. Frustration is what it is.

Your dad has been experiencing low blood sugar for a couple days.

He blamed the iced tea for his weakness, shakes and all...until I asked him what his number was. He forgot he had type 2 diabetes. Went in a tested his blood and it was 50. Ugh...

The forgetting stuff is getting worse. The other day we were enjoying the front porch view and he was stating that he was going to look into getting a clevis hitch so he could hook up attachments easier. About 1/2 hour later he talked about the same thing. I told him he already went through that thought...he said he didn't...I told him that I didn't know what a clevis hitch was until about 1/2 hour ago. He just shook his head.

Onward and Upward...

@dave Okay...it is 1:13 PM on this beautiful Sunday. What have we been doing you ask. Well...your dad moved gravel around in his air conditioned Kioti tractor. Then I got him some water because he did shovel some rocks into his little cart. Some hand work...not a lot. He is napping now. What have I been doing...well...I actually stayed up this morning and after making my bed and setting up my yogurt maker, I sat on the front porch watching the little Carolina wrens busy making their home in the little house. We've tried and tried to have wrens, but they never stayed. So this year we gave Audrey all of our little houses...except the one that you cannot clean out. Audrey has lots of wrens. Well wouldn't you know it...we hear this little warbler singing and singing...and then another one. Your dad fetches the little house that you cannot clean out and put it out in the ornamental grass area. Nothing. I moved it to the front garden in front of your dad's bedroom window...bam...they are in there making a nest and singing and singing. Success! I guess they like to be next to a building...I don't know. So after the entertainment, I decided to do some pruning and dead heading. Got the Chives cut down so I don't have a yard full of Chives. Got the rest of the spent Iris leaves yanked out so now they can produce pretty green leaves to finish out the season. The dog sat on the front porch until about 11 AM...then she gets up...bothers me and walks to the garage. Cooler in there with the doors closed and her fan on. Sure hope we can get together for Father's Day...20th. Oh...Loy Family Reunion is on this year...July 11...Twelve noon to 4...same place Clifton Community Center.

Nice talking to you! Peace and Love, just Ma

@dave Well...okay...the certificate is good...Kaspersky didn't tell me it was putting the brakes on Mastodon...thank you. Hope it rains soon...tired of dragging hoses around and sprinkling on flowers. Peace...and stay cool and safe!

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