@dave Well...okay...the certificate is good...Kaspersky didn't tell me it was putting the brakes on Mastodon...thank you. Hope it rains soon...tired of dragging hoses around and sprinkling on flowers. Peace...and stay cool and safe!

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@dave is 1:13 PM on this beautiful Sunday. What have we been doing you ask. Well...your dad moved gravel around in his air conditioned Kioti tractor. Then I got him some water because he did shovel some rocks into his little cart. Some hand work...not a lot. He is napping now. What have I been doing...well...I actually stayed up this morning and after making my bed and setting up my yogurt maker, I sat on the front porch watching the little Carolina wrens busy making their home in the little house. We've tried and tried to have wrens, but they never stayed. So this year we gave Audrey all of our little houses...except the one that you cannot clean out. Audrey has lots of wrens. Well wouldn't you know it...we hear this little warbler singing and singing...and then another one. Your dad fetches the little house that you cannot clean out and put it out in the ornamental grass area. Nothing. I moved it to the front garden in front of your dad's bedroom window...bam...they are in there making a nest and singing and singing. Success! I guess they like to be next to a building...I don't know. So after the entertainment, I decided to do some pruning and dead heading. Got the Chives cut down so I don't have a yard full of Chives. Got the rest of the spent Iris leaves yanked out so now they can produce pretty green leaves to finish out the season. The dog sat on the front porch until about 11 AM...then she gets up...bothers me and walks to the garage. Cooler in there with the doors closed and her fan on. Sure hope we can get together for Father's Day...20th. Oh...Loy Family Reunion is on this year...July 11...Twelve noon to 4...same place Clifton Community Center.

Nice talking to you! Peace and Love, just Ma

Well, I am still relaxing from the security certificate ordeal. That was 15min to get a refreshed certificate and 9hrs trying to get it to work across all my servers.
I still have some housecleaning to do on one of the servers, once that is completed, then I need to set up a job so this will all happen automatically in another 3 months.
This morning, Cathy found the Perkins in Peoria were celebrating the re-opening of Peoria by giving away a free slice of cherry purchase we hopped in our little Bolt and got a slice.
It was good.
Once that was gone, I went outside and cleaned off the patio and deck with the leaf blower. Then I came in, sat down, and had some saltwater taffy.
It was good.
Got the family reunion invite, Cathy and I are thinking of attending. We. We're also discussing Father's Day. I think the 4 of us should get together on Saturday (afternoon or early evening) so the Jurewicz clan can have you on Sunday. We still have a week to figure things out.
The new refrigerator (while inexpensive) is keeping a perfect 37 degrees.

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