@dave Okay...I am officially bored. Too hot for me to work outside. The dog won't even go out! Merwyn is up North on the Spyder visiting Brian Homerding with a couple buddies. I guess I'll go find a movie or something...maybe a nap. Got the wash done and put away. At least I accomplished something today. Okay...thats about it. Peace and Love...

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@Karen got a call from Sherman's, another month delay, I told him that was enough delay and to cancel my order. He suggested I find a replacement 1st then cancel. So I went to Sherman's site, looked at what they had in stock, and wii have a new refrigerator delivered this Sunday morning and save $500 to boot.

@dave Wow! Why were they giving you the run around if they already had one!!!???? it not white? Mike Lindell has a new web site that is supposed to be like Amazon.

Hope he knocks the socks off of Amazon.

@Karen totally different fridge, bare bones, freezer on top, but white.

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