@dave Hope the information on decking is what you were looking for. The Handyman magazine had all that in it. I did a scan with the phone instead of a photo...I like the scan capabilities. There was a spam thing that came into Said it was from Glasford Telephone Company. Nope. So if there is something sitting on your server with something to do with updating at Glasford Telephone with a is the proper provider. Anyway...your dad is done with the cement pad and now is looking for white gravel...Dick Ray is nowhere to be found. The Spyder was fixed. Sensor was deprogrammed so the steering always wanted to go right and fought you if you wanted to turn left. The guy in Decatur reprogrammed it. Tires are good and the cover to the seat where the driver's back rest was has been ordered. Your dad is happy. Take care and have a nice Memorial Day weekend. Peace and Love, just ma

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Yes, I have been going over the decking options. Next step is to get roof shingles replaced and the gutters realigned and sealed. Deck will be next rear, so plenty of time to figure out what to do with the cement pad.

Glad it was an easy fix for the Spyder.

Cathy is out from school. Last day was this morning. She is doing yard work today with it being so nice out.

@dave Maybe with this storm system moving through, you can have an insurance roof.

I was out pulling weeds early this morning. Your dad got the mowing done just in time!

I thought things were good to go with your car.

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