@dave New cement going in today. Going to look so much better and be so much safer. So...if you come to the farm, please don't park on the new cement for a couple days. Peace and Love, just ma

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Saw your pics, Cathy and I will be out tonight to draw our names and make little kitty prints for Scarlett & Tabs

@dave Too late. At least Mrs. Turkey was kind enough to walk along the edge of the new cement and not on it. Your dad looked out of the West window..."oh no"! He gently told her to leave and she wandered off into the prairie grass. We would have had turkey prints in the new cement! The guy came today and cut the grooves in the cement, so we can walk on it if our feet are clean. Took a while to wash all the powdery concrete dust off the new pad! Now your dad needs to buy some sealant and seal the house and man shed cement pad. Stuff is never done. I had to change all the hummingbird feeder juice and the Oriel feeder and dump all the sunflowers seeds, wash the feeders and put up new food. Had to blow the front porch and wash it and the windows and cleaned the chair pads and Jo's mat. Whew...and that was all before noon. Your dad is napping now and soon will be mowing. I'm washing clothes today instead of Monday. I've swept the main level just in case we brought in concrete dust on our socks. The stuff is caustic I'm told. So...the sand will go into the grooves and the caulking type stuff will go in the grooves and the pad will be sealed. No rest for the wicked. Peace and Love, just Ma

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