@dave Howdy. So you like Resident Alien. I saw the first episode...haven't watched it since. Your dad likes it. We got our 2nd C-19 shot Wednesday. We feel a little punky, but not too bad. Biden bombed Syria. Here we go.

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Mr. Biden (not my president) 😆 is a putz! Although I haven't heard anything about Syria...I guess I should watch some news.

Yes, I am liking Resident Alien, you need to get past the first couple of episodes so if you want to give it another try, it is on Plex. Cathy has not seen it yet, but will sit down with me this weekend. We will see if it is her cup of tea.

Anyway, glad you are not sicker than a dog after the 2nd shot, Cathy and I are still waiting on the go ahead for our 1st shot.

@dave The PJStar had a little blurb about the bombing in today's paper.

I sent you a couple of links about cinnamon. I use the one from Swanson vitamins...I sent you that link, too.

I'm a firm believer in holistic stuff. I take supplements and have really good test results. Some of the prescription drugs have so many side effects that it is scary to take them.

Sorry if I'm over stepping my territory, but...a mother is always a mother. :)

(In the best *fake* sarcastic voice possible) Awwww Mom.....


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