@dave Well...should I stop in at Walmart and pick up some rubber duckies for your basement? We are high and dry here.

@dave New cement going in today. Going to look so much better and be so much safer. So...if you come to the farm, please don't park on the new cement for a couple days. Peace and Love, just ma

@dave So...did you have wetness in the basement? I had a package of Kroger links here, so we had protien with our carbs. Happy Mother's Day to Cathy! Peace...

@dave Did you get the forwarded emails? What is ZoHo? It says it is an Indian thing.

@dave Okay...I requested a few movies that are currently playing in the theaters. Using Microsoft Edge was a winner! Yo da man!

@dave Morning...it is Good Friday. Enjoy your Easter weekend! We aren't having Easter or a hunt. Still quarantining I guess. Been watching a lot of stuff on your Plex...and...since I'm down here on the couch...I see Mrs. Fox run back and forth across the back yard. Don't know how long she has been doing this, but...she is a busy fox. Happy Easter to you and Cathy! Peace and Love, just Ma

@dave Our speaker system for the computer is buzzing loudly...Merwyn turned them off. Do you have any extra speakers laying around? Thanks, just Ma

@dave Bob Brown sent us a few memes and a blurb.
As reported by the CDC. Here are the US deaths by year and the change from the previous year.

Year 2017: 2,818,503 Americans died

Year 2018: 2,839,205 deaths (20,702 more than the previous year 2017)

Year 2019: 2,855,000 deaths (16,300 more than the previous year 2018)

The year of the pandemic:

Year 2020: 2,913,144 deaths (57,641 more than the previous year 2019)

BUT WAIT: There were zero deaths from Covid-19 during 2018, and 2019 and the jump from 2019 was only 57,641???

I've been told that COVID is responsible now for 500,000 + deaths. Shouldn't the 2020 number be a hell of a lot higher?

So the question becomes: How many people died of COVID and How many died (of other causes) WITH COVID?

Now read below:

Food for thought:

A very well-orchestrated plan, or an unimaginable set of events that just fell into place with the United States front and center. You tell me!!

Scare people with a virus, force them to wear masks and place them in quarantine.

Count the number of dead every second of every day, in every News Headline. By the way, ninety-nine and eight-tenths of the people who get the virus, recover. About one to two tenths of one percent who get the virus, die. Most all of them have other medical problems. Did you catch that? Less than 1/2 of a percent die.

Close businesses = 35,000,000+ instantly unemployed.

Remove entertainment and prohibit recreation, Closing parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, sports.

No dating. No touching. Isolate people. Dehumanize them.

Close Temples and Churches - prohibit worship. Create a vacuum and let depression, anxiety, hopelessness, and desperation set in.

Then... ignite hatred and civil unrest, creating Civil War.

Empty the prisons because of the virus and fill the streets with criminals.

Send in ANTIFA and BLM to vandalize property, as if they are freedom fighters. Undermine the law. Riot, Loot and Attack all Law Enforcement, but tell government to order a stand-down.

Then... Defund Law Enforcement and abolish Police.

Then open our borders to allow people from anywhere and everywhere with unknown illnesses and intentions to enter our country and move about freely.

We are all being played by those who want to destroy America! This is how you destroy a Nation from within, and in very short order.

Will it work? I guess that depends on you and me.

I did not write this ... but it needs to be shared. I just did. Your turn.

@dave Howdy! Beautiful day! Been on several walks. Sat in the grass with your dad and the dog. The dog won the pester game. Go for a walk and wave at people.

@dave Here is another magic formula. Basically, the same formula, but a few add ins and a lot of BS. But...the formula must work if every Tom Dick and Harry is selling it. Try GNC to see what they sell. courierherald.com/marketplace/

@Janster Hello...I don't know if you've been receiving my "toots". Are you talking to David our son? @dave He probably doesn't remember Mike. Things are warming up here!

@dave Howdy. So you like Resident Alien. I saw the first episode...haven't watched it since. Your dad likes it. We got our 2nd C-19 shot Wednesday. We feel a little punky, but not too bad. Biden bombed Syria. Here we go.

@Janster Hello Jan! Don't know if you received my reply. I think we are heading to a thaw here in central Illinois. It is raining at present. 7:35 PM. Merwyn bought a new motorcycle. I haven't been allowed to ride with him for a long time. Merwyn feels his Hulk days are over...didn't want to have an accident with me on the bike. So...now we have a 3 wheeler. Merwyn will probably put a picture up on Facebook. Peace...

@dave Okay...this is hilarious. Denise...Uncle Bob's daughter...the radical never Trumper daughter...got back on Messenger in Facebook. She really attacks family members. Donna Petree...another cousin...put on a video about the cost of insulin going up due to biden's freeze. Denise called Donna a liar and yelled at her. Darin...another cousin...thinks Denise's acid mouth is a riot. On the Messenger blurb, Darin says, "Denise is back"! Denise needs to take a doggy downer. See what you are missing?!

@dave Okay...update. The "vitamins" I ordered sent an email with a decent looking confirmation. CEFCU's Austin says that we have to wait 15 days to give the company time to either make good on the order or not. After 15 days (the 20th), Austin will call me on the 22nd to find out if the order arrived. If not...CEFCU will give the dollar amount back to me and go after the company. All is up in the air and it is a waiting game now. So...there you go...You may have gummies to chew on that make the world a better place...or not.

@dave Have you seen the news about the Mandalorian actress!? Fired because she spoke had an opinion. Sad.

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