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How do you know if a shin injury is serious?
You should call your doctor if your shin pain is severe or if it doesn't go away after a few weeks of rest. Call your doctor if your legs are very swollen, red, or painful. These symptoms could be signs of an infection or another condition.

Can you tear a tendon in your shin?
A rupture of the tibialis anterior tendon in the front of your shin and ankle can be a painful injury leading to difficulty with walking, running, and participating fully in work and recreational activities. Understanding the symptoms and management of the injury is an important step in getting the proper treatment.


How do you tell if you strained a muscle in your leg?
Pain or tenderness.
Redness or bruising.
Limited motion.
Muscle spasms.
Muscle weakness.

@Cathy @dave From pictures on Facebook...Hopedale got slammed. We lost a couple of tomatoes.

@Cathy @dave One of our classmates sent us this. Please watch until the end. Chuckle...

@Cathy @dave Well...your dad is ready to go in for his colonoscopy. Has to be there in Pekin Hospital around 11:30 AM and his procedure is at 1 I think. Looks like rain. I have his umbrella and my umbrella in the Saturn. All is well. Hope your boo boo is better. Peace and Love, just me

@dave I checked things out on your search engine. Cork says Jen thinks she has Covid, so she did the home test. You said that would not show if she has Covid. I wanted to know the real deal so I did the search on houseofloy.

@Cathy @dave Okay then...I hopped on the houseofloy search engine...yes...it is very nice. I like it. Score!

@Cathy @dave Well...I've been sort of not feeling 100% and Wednesday I got all stuffy and coughing. I am not going to the Reunion on Sunday. Merwyn has all the gear for the Reunion, so he has to go. Peace and Love, just ma

@Cathy @dave So...did you take Cathy to the ER? What is the prognosis? Just Audrey and Cathryn showed up today. Stayed and talked until 2 PM! It was a good day for your dad!

@Cathy @dave I received a notice that Internet Explorer is retiring on June 15, 2022. Nothing I have to worry about...right? I have Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

@Cathy @dave Well...Merwyn built and put up another Bluebird nest box. Today 6/7/22, the Tree Swallows have taken over the old Bluebird nest box after they killed all the baby Bluebirds. The Mom and Pop Bluebird were checking out the new Bluebird nest box today. Onward and Upward...

@Cathy @dave Watched the war between the Bluebirds and Tree Swallows today! The Tree Swallows were trying to take over the Bluebird nest box. There are young Bluebirds in there! The dynamic duo of Bluebirds won! They kept feeding their young while fending off the Tree Swallows. Binoculars came in handy!!!

Your dad put on the new Kubota part...it didn't work. We loaded up the Kubota this morning. While driving in to the fix-it shop...your dad thought about fuses. They checked it out...yup...a fuse was blown. Put in a new fuse and ta da. They didn't charge him!

I was in Menard's and came across a Black and Decker combo of a blower and trimmer. My big brute of a Toro battery-operated weed eater is in for repairs. I need a trimmer!!!

The Black and Decker uses the same battery as my cordless vacuum!!! Score. I did purchase an extra battery that is supposed to last longer.

The Toro is under warranty, but the repair shop was "waiting" for the company to tell them it was okay to repair. I called the company. I asked for a case #. I gave Sue the case number at This...That...and...Mower and told her to call Toro again.

It is under warranty until July 2022!

Beautiful day today! Peace and Love...

Oh...Cork called...he has Covid-19. The clip for the valve in his heart and the new defib is on hold now. He is tired. Wants things to get better.

@Cathy @dave Wow...almost 10 PM this Monday. I worked out in the timber again. The 2nd Hosta Bed is cleaned of weeds and trees and Honeysuckle. Tuesday will be the 150 feet of Hostas and all sorts of plants along the timber parallel to the lane. It isn't as bad as the other two. This old woman is getting tired and needs a day off!!!

@Cathy @dave Hello...we went on a nice ride this morning. Didn't get wet! We waved at a lot of folks out working in their yards. Fun stuff.

@Cathy Thank you for the label!!! Much easier to read!

I found a good explanation of how to change the color of the hydrangea in the planter.

copied and pasted: Hydrangeas can change color depending on the acidity levels in the soil.

For blue flowers on your hydrangea, the soil needs to have a pH level between 5.2 and 5.5, as well as altering the mineral composition of the soil to provide plants with more aluminum.

While this is possible, you’ll need to keep up an acidifying routine over time.

If you want to, consider growing in containers to make it easier.

There you go. Thank you again!

@dave @Cathy Hello...I cannot open the picture you sent. I can open the picture of the fireplace with Majestic. I cannot open the other picture. I zoomed in on the label on the stack, but cannot get a clean image.

@dave Well...we have a knob dent in the floor in front of the laundry room. I asked if your dad needed help with the little phone cabinet this morning...'no' was the answer...kaboom...I ran from my bedroom (making the bed) and the cabinet was face down on the floor. Now I have to be careful washing the floor! The protective clear layer is destroyed and water can get under it and ruin the photo of the wood. Sad...

@dave Okay then. I've done a workaround for the drippy water dispenser on the new refrigerator...I pushed the Ice Cube selection...no drips!

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