To download, follow theses instructions..... Right click on the song you would like to download, select Save As...

Then save it to your music folder on your computer. Once complete double click on the file to play. Enjoy :)

            Pillar / FireProof. This is more Rock/metal then then the next one. 4 songs below.

1. FireProof    <-----My pick

2. Echelon  <--------My pick

3. Behind Closed Doors

4. HindSight      <-----My pick

        Pillar / Above. I Like this one a bit better. Songs are better :)

1. Live For Him   

2. Above    <-----My pick

3. Original Superman    <-----My pick

4. Guess Who's Won

5. Time To Play

6. Unity

7. Reaching Out    <-----My pick

8. Father

          News Boys / Thrive. VERY AWESOME CD! NewsBoys are my Fav!!!

1. Giving It Over

2. Live in Stereo

3. Thrive

4. Rescue    <-----My pick

5. It Is You    <-----My pick

6. Cornelius

7. The Fad of the Land

8. Lord (I Don't know)    <-----My pick

If you would like any of these songs burnt to a CD just ask me. I would be happy too for ya :)