P1010002 (Medium).JPG (31379 bytes)  How they got power to  the outlet

P1010003 (Medium).JPG (40302 bytes)  Close up of his wonderful wiring prowess

P1010004 (Medium).JPG (48852 bytes)  And this  is supposed to be safe?

P1010005 (Medium).JPG (41269 bytes)  It just keeps getting better

P1010006 (Medium).JPG (45778 bytes)  Yep, those WERE bare

P1010007 (Medium).JPG (61773 bytes)  Floor in front of the slider

P1010008 (Medium).JPG (71264 bytes)  Floor between slider and window

P1010009 (Medium).JPG (66134 bytes)  Ceiling above the slider

P1010010 (Medium).JPG (68541 bytes)  Close-up of white stuff on ceiling

P1010011 (Medium).JPG (88014 bytes)  Corner of floor

P1010012 (Medium).JPG (56488 bytes)  Floor next to outer door that I want to remove