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Year of 1998

09/03/98:  Started this site.

09/12/98:  Pam Tillis concert in Pekin

09/15/98:  Out to Washington Grade School with Jerry for another walk-thru.

09/22/98 - 09/25/98:  Holding a Boxes & Wires camp at the Hub's lab area all week.

09/25/98:  Leaving work early to meet with Joe out at Northwestern Elementary for a walk-thru.

09/26/98:  It has been decided that this weekend is the only available weekend that everyone has
                    open for a motorcycle trip.  My two uncles will come down Friday the 25th, rest up,
                    spend the night, then on Saturday morning we head west towards Nauvoo on the
                    bikes.   We are currently sitting at five bikes on the trip and I invite any of my friends
                    with a cycle to join us.

Year of 1999

02/07/99:  I'm positive something special happened on this day. :)

03/??/99:  Purchased a place to hang my hat in Washington.

12/01/99:  Asked Cathy to be my wife.  (She said yes)

Year of 2000

01/21/00:  Got onto the @home network.  Cable Modem!  YES!  High speed access all the time!
                    If you can get one of these in your area, GET IT!  Normal speeds are just short of a T1
                    line at $40.00 per month.  It frees up the phone line, and I don't have to wait for sites to
                    load in.  It is great.  I like it, I love it, you gotta get it!

02/07/00:  There is that date again, I sure wish I could remember.....

04/02/00:  OUCH!
                    Big pain in my right side, so I had Cathy take me to one of the area Hospitals after a
                    couple of hours after it starts.  Of course, as it turns out, by the time we get there, a little
                    after 8:00pm, the pain is gone.  Typical.  Just as anything else, you get to the repair man
                    and nothing.  A blood test and various x-rays later, diagnosis...Kidney Stone.  We get
                    back home about 12:45am.  Of course there is still no pain.  Boy am I going to be dead
                    when I get up in the morning for work.

04/03/00:  Went to work today, no problem with the side or "kidney stone", but remember I need to go
                    up to Galena to set up a Traveling Computer Lab on Tuesday thru Thursday.  No big deal,
                    but not looking forward to the four hour trip up there.  Still no pain.

04/04/00:  Get up to the Galena conference and set up the computer lab.   Nothing major happening so
                    I head to my hotel room.

04/05/00:  PAIN!!!!!
                    Yep, you guessed it, went to sleep at 9:45pm after a very busy day setting up the
                    computer lab and woke up with a BIG ASS PAIN in my side just after 12:00am.  Thought
                    to myself, "I can handle this, the doctor said it would hurt, that is why she gave me the
                    prescription of Vicoden."
                    I just wish I got the prescription filled.  Well, after rolling around on the bed for 3 1/2 hours,
                    I decide, what the hell, it worked last time, lets give it a try.  So I get into my truck and start
                    driving around at just past 4:00 in the very early morning.  Not this time.  I think I pissed it
                    off.   I get back to the Hotel and crawl into bed again.  I decide that the stuff I take for my
                    migraine headaches should take the bite out of this pain, so I take 3 of them.  By 7:00am
                    they aren't doing a single thing for the pain.  OK, 9:15am, I call the front desk explaining I
                    have been "passing" a kidney stone since 12am this morning and can not stand it anymore,
                    where is the closest hospital?
                    So I check into the Galena Hospital by 10:00 and they hit me with a shot of Morphine.
                    Doesn't do shit for the pain.  So they hit me with Demerol.  Ahhh, much better.  X-rays
                    here, there, and including a dye solution to help them see the stone.  I don't care, I'm doing
                    good after the two pain killers.
                    Congratulations Mr. Loy, you have a kidney stone in your right kidney.  Lets pump you full
                    of IV's to help flush it out.  Sure, what the hell.  Later that evening...Well, no more pain, but
                    no sign of a stone.  Don't need any more pain killers, in fact, I'm doing pretty good and
                    sleep very well.

04/06/00:  Well, it is 10:00am and haven't had any pain since early last night, and was able to keep
                    breakfast down, (which is more than I can say for last nights supper).  So they release me
                    and tell me to be careful.  No Prob.  Go back to the Hotel and finalize things with the
                    computers there, and start the 4 hour trip back home.  Whoops, there is that pain again,
                    nope, just a false alarm.

04/07/00:  A couple tingles, but nothing major.  Hell, after what I went through, this is nothing.

04/08/00:  See Friday the 7th.  Then it hits, 2:00am, (why is it always in the sleeping hours?)  I call the
                    doctors office, ask them what I should do and explain everything in detail about the last
                    couple of days.  I decide today's pain isn't worth another trip to the emergency room, and
                    will call the specialist.  Well of course they are closed through the weekend and will open
                    promptly at 8:30am on Monday, but the answering service says she can get the doctor on
                    call if I want her to.  I look at the time and say I can handle it, I will call later to schedule
                    an appointment.

04/09/00:  OK, this is getting tiresome.  A little after 3:00am this time, but I skip calling anyone and just
                    get up to walk around a bit.  (This always helped in the past).  It works, the pain goes away
                    once again and I fall back to sleep.

04/10/00:  The Appointment
                    Well, I made it to Monday.  Whew.  This has been a mean couple of nights.  So I call the
                    kidney specialist and he has me come in today at 2:30pm to check me out.  Well, after a
                    couple of pokes and prods along with another detailed explanation of what has transpired
                    and pictures from the Galena Hospital, he finds that I have a UN-PASSABLE kidney
                    stone.  Well that explains a lot!  But it doesn't stop there.  Of course not.  After all the IV's
                    up in Galena, and the GALLONS of water the doctors tell you to drink to help pass the
                    stone, I have managed to get this boulder out of my kidney through my little tiny itsy bitsy
                    tube where it finally finds a resting place just before the opening into my bladder.  This of
                    course has a nasty habit of shutting down a kidney as it has no where to filter it's fluid to.
                    "Are you doing anything tonight," he asks.
                    So, at 10:15pm, I walk into the O.R. and they put a IV into me, (by now my arm is start-
                    ing to look something like that of a junkies) and put me to sleep.  Now the procedure is
                    not too bad.  They can not use sound waves to break up the stone as it is too low into my
                    pelvic region.  So this leaves open surgery, or, THE ALTERNATIVE.  So understand I
                    did not want open surgery, the recovery time is way to long and hard and there are way
                    more complications involved.  And I am not about to go into detail for the procedure, you
                    can look up "kidney stone" in you browser and figure it out yourself.   But I will give you
                    this one hint.  The doc went in, grabbed the stone and pulled it out.  By the way, he told
                    my parents, and Cathy, that it was a about half the size of a kernel of corn when most
                    people are in agony with the size of a grain of sand.   All things being done, the soreness
                    will go away, and I am very happy to have that thing out of me.  I will say it again.  OUCH!

04/15/00:  New Purchase
                    It seams after all the pain I went through the last week and a half, (and survived to talk
                    about it), I decided to treat my self to a new vehicle.  I travel the state allot and have put
                    some 162,000 miles on my 1992 GMC Jimmy.  Still running perfect, but time for retire-
                    ment.  So, not wanting to buy a new vehicle, I looked into used ones.  The requirements,
                    1) 4X4, 2) 4 door, 3) reliable.   To me, this has Chevy written all over it.  So I took a
                    1996 Blazer out, nice ride, decent seats, but when the back windows are down, there is a
                    huge buffeting effect from the wind.  Very disappointing.  Of course there is no way I'm
                    spending all that money and not be able to drive the truck with the windows down.   Fords
                    are out because lets face it, they are Fords!  Which leaves me with Dodge.  Ah yes, the
                    Dodge Durango, big, beautiful, stylish!  But still more affordable than a Lexus or BMW.
                    And lets face it, a Hum-Vee just would not be practical.  Yes, after the smoke has settled,
                    the Durango won.   It is a 1998 SLT  which translates into "almost" every conceivable
                    option there is except the moon-roof and heated outside mirrors and it only had 29024
                    miles on it.  The leather seats more than out do those of the old Jimmy, but I have to say
                    the gas mileage is a killer.
                    So what about the Jimmy? you ask.  I kept it.  I refinanced it last year to bring the payments
                    down.   As well as to get a much lower interest rate.  Well, that, along with the amount of
                    miles on it, I would have to pay the dealership an extra $2000 to take it off my hands.  The
                    Durango was pricey enough as it is, I wasn't about to throw another 2K on to it's price.
                    So, Cathy gave her 1988 S-10 Pick-up to her 17 year old son to drive back and forth to
                    school and work, (once he gets a job) and I gave Cathy the Jimmy who will put a whopping
                    8 miles on it per day.  Not a bad retirement for the faithful thing.

10/07/00:  The wedding day.
                    A wonderful church in my home town of Minier, the church is the same one Elmer and
                    Mary (my Grandfather and his new wife) got married in.  The services went very fast (the way
                    we intended them to).   We started the ceremony at 3:00pm and was finished saying the "I Do's"
                    by 3:15pm.  After the pictures were taken, we headed out towards the reception hall located
                    in the small town of Washington.
                    The reception hall was decorated by Cathy's mother; Lee, and it looked absolutely beautiful.

10/08/00:  Breakfast with the family and some close friends in Morton.

10/09/00:  Head off on the Spirit Of Peoria towards Starved Rock.  This was a great boat ride.  We left
                    at 9:00am towards the boat dock (after spending the night at the Mark Twain hotel) and
                    arrived in Starved Rock about 6:00pm.  Think of it as a forced relaxation period as there is
                    only three things to do on the boat; eat, sleep, and take pictures.  And that's all I did.

10/21/00:  Went to the Bad Lands Off-Road park with my cousin Steve.  Talk about fun.  Took the big D out
                    there and got it dirty.  Climbed some dirt, sand, and rock.  Drove through some water and mud.
                    What a blast.  Follow this link to see some pictures.

Year of 2001

02/07/01:  Oh, now I remember what this date is for! :)

10/07/01:  First anniversary

Year of 2002

01/25/02:  A painful day indeed, my job was removed from my person after 5 wonderful years.

02/07/02:  And the years just keep on racking up!

05/15/02:  Preparing for my trip with my cousin out to Moab, UT

05/16/02:  Start the long journey out to Moab.

05/17/02 - 05/21/02:  Whew, Steve and I drove straight through (well Steve drove, I mostly slept...sorry Steve).
                    Did some great rock climbing and just generally had a blast over the last couple of days.  You can
                    check out the pics from my digital camera HERE!

09/12/02:  Started working on the sideroom of my house.  Holy shit did I ever open a can of worms.  Whoever
                    added this room on was an idiot X3!!!  Pictures are HERE of what we found after removing the wood
                    paneling.  This is going to take longer than originally hoped.

10/07/02:  Getting married in 2000 makes it real easy to remember how many years we have been together, this
                    makes two.

Year of 2003

01/01/03:  Happy New Year!

02/07/03:  And another year bites the dust, but good news today, I start a part time job at the local news paper
                    company (Peoria Journal Star) as a carrier (paper boy), hey, its a job!

04/14/03:  Yep, that's right, I got my job at Mediacom Online.  Not too bad, get to be a Internet Tech Support
                    for people with Cable Modems.  Yippee!  Good money, great beni's, nice hours...11:00am to 8:00
                    pm.  Saturday through Wednesday though, so no more family functions for me unless I can get some
                    one to trade days with me.

04/20/03:  Last day at the Peoria Journal Star, now I can actually sleep.  Whew, no more getting up at 2:30am!

10/07/03:  Three year anniversary...Nope, she hasn't left me yet! :)

Year of 2004

01/01/04:  Happy New Year...again!
                    Didn't do much this holiday, laid around the house played some games went to bed.

02/07/04:  Went out for supper with my parents, had a great time as I normally do.  Those years just keep on
                    racking up don't they.

04/14/04:  Hit the One year mark at Mediacom.

10/07/04:  Wow, and people say this marriage stuff is hard.  I would have to say it is very enjoyable!  Of course
                    I am only 4 years into it.

10/18/04:  Got a new purchase.  Apparently my wife and parents do not like the fact that I off-road my D
                    (Durango), so a friend of mine had this truck sitting in his front yard and offered me a great deal.
                    So I jumped on it.  It is a 1984 Ford full size Bronco complete with lift and 36" KM Tires.  Strong
                    engine, but the 'ol truck has seen some better days.  I am going to try to piece the thing back
                    together to make it road worthy....Stay Tuned!

Year of 2005

01/01/05:  Happy New Year...again!

02/07/05:  Yet another birthday...whew

04/14/05:  Another year at Mediacom as a internet tech.

10/07/05:  Yep, 5 years and going strong.  Took her out for supper at McDonalds.  Don't think ill of me, there is
                    history there, that is where we went for our first date where we both had a Coke and shared some
                    fries.  She loved it!

Year of 2006

01/01/06:  Happy New Year...It is amazing just how fast this day creeps up on you.

02/07/06:  The Birthday, #37, Supper with wife and parents at Johnas.

02/11/06:  Went to a bike show near Chicago, here are the pics. The Bikes

02/16/06:  First tinges of a feeling...a feeling I have felt before...we will see if it turns true

02/19/06:  Yep, kidney stone!  Stupid things!

Year of 2010

02/07/10:  Another Birthday...this makes #41

03/15/10:  Purchased another bike.  This time it is a 2009 Suzuki Boulevard M109R!  It is a 1800cc, 109ci, muscle cruiser.
                    Gosh is it a lot of fun!

Year of 2011

01/03/11:  Yes, I know, it has been a while since I updated this page, but I just started my new position as a
                    Database Administrator / Asset Management with Mediacom.  (Very Excited)

02/07/11:  Ugh, #42, my back hurts, my neck hurts, my knees hurt...getting old IS a Bitch!

02/16/11:  First 52degree day, rode the bike into work today.  Darn cold in the morning (37degrees)...Brrrrrrr!

Year of 2012

02/07/12:  At the wonderful age of 43, I find out I have Type II Diabetes...yippee!

Year of 2013

11/17/13:  Tornado rolls through the quiet town of Washington...takes house with it, both vehicles, and the bike...well and everything else!
                    Youtube video of my 4 camera surveillance system and what it caught...http://www.youtube.com

12/13/13:  Website "http://www.rightthisminute.com" picks up the video and does a interview with my wife and I.

                    They also put together a "fluff" piece for the cat.